Whole Energetic Management

The RadiaGlass system consists of two circuits: primay and secondary. The primary circuit includes a circulation pump and a system for heating or cooling water. The secondary consists of a circulator that distributes water treated by collectors and reaches drives terminals, internal or facade glass. Two circuits fluids don't mix. Energy transfer mechanism is a heat exchanger. The primary circuit energy source can be any type of boiler, a bomb of heat or solar panels. In the secondary circuit, RadiaGlass can be combined with any other type of terminal units as, for instance, a radiant floor.

The main goal of the system is to create a volumetric envelope of the building to reduce the energy consumption on it without giving away the advantages of the use of glass. To do so, the Intelliglass system offers a seamless integration of the product in the façade to eliminate the solar thermal load before it gets inside the building.

IntelliGlass Glazing contributes to an improved thermal feeling inside the building as it has a more uniform temperature. The use of Radiaglass partitions can eliminate the internal thermal loads without temperature gradients or air flows.

It increases the thermal inertia of the building interior reducing the internal temperature variation during the day and therefore reducing the peak demand of energy.

The secondary system is divided in different sectors. Each sector comprises all glasses in all the façades whatever the orientation. Thus we get the same constant temperature in all the façade independently of where they face. Sectoring allows to control different temperatures in each room if desired.