Active Glazing

The IntelliGlass system incorporates the movement of a layer of water that block the thermal solar radiation and can be used for cooling or heating.The IntelliGlass panel consists of two glasses monolithic or laminated, separated by a 16 mm chamber which is later filled with water. The connection between the interior of the camera and pipes is done by a propietary special piece that adapts to the separator profile of the glasses. This profile has some perforations specifically designed, based on study and simulation of the flow of water flowing by all straight surfaces of the project. Glass is maintained at constant temperature thanks to water in circulation, so temperate treatment in the case of glasses exposed to strong solar radiation can be avoided. Ultra Transparent Glass can be used with RadiaGlass or iThermGlass System.

  • A small portion of solar radiation is reflected and a high percentage is dragged by the water chamber, so only a small fraction would finally come into the local.
  • Thermal solar radiation is absorbed by the circulating water chamber. This water is chilled or heated to keep a constant temperature.
  • Water shields  the sun radiation and prevents the greenhouse effect inside the building