Interior Active Partition

The RadiaGlass system can be used within buildings with a double function: spatial division and radiant surface for heating and cooling. It is compatible with any other kind of partitions. Provide a sense of comfort due to the uniformly-distributed temperature, both winter and summer. Thermal gradients are avoided and the exchange of heat and cold is improved. In addition, RadiaGlass partitions are compatible with any radiant floor heating.

The RadiaGlass system is mounted in a modular frame with water pipes integrated. Through a circulation pump water is driven by a closed circuit. In this circuit, water passes through a heat exchanger that allows to low or raise the temperature . Finally water is driven to the camera closing the circuit. Drive pump must overcome the  load looses that occur in pipes. Because the speeds that exist in the system are very small, this load loss is very low and consequently, the required power of the pump is reduced.

The movement of water by the camera at a given temperature allows control thermal loading, and heats or refrigerates the building by creating an isothermal envelope. The flow of water controls the increase of temperature that in no case is higher than 2-3 Celsius degrees. Thus, RadiaGlass avoids thermal gradients in the glazing. This is accomplished with flows less than 0.1 l/s. Later, this heat is evacuated in a heat exchanger.

RadiaGlass installed in interior partitions enables a reduced energy consumption associated with the heating or cooling of the building. In the case of RadiaGlass, the enclosure is lightweight, and yet the thermal inertia is variable depending on the movement of water. The heavy elements of the building are replaced with a geothermal focus with stable temperature. Energy saving thus achieved could be 70 %.